28-October-2010 to 11-December-2010
Galerie Kashya Hildebrand
‘Breaking Boundaries: Contemporary Calligraphy from the Middle East’

This exhibitions features five critically-acclaimed artists and calligraphers from the Middle East including Ali Omar Ermes (Canvas 6.4), Ahmed Moustafa, Charles Hossein Zenderoudi (Canvas 5.5), Nja Mahdaoui (Canvas 4.3) and Mohammed Ehsai. Through their pieces on show these artists present calligraphic works that go beyond Islamic traditions, taking them to a universal level where the repetition of letters or words inscript are explored for their intrinsic beauty as opposed to any literal meaning they might hold. Several of these artists live in different countries around the world, far away from their homeland, yet they remain united in their art of the written word.

Galerie Kashya Hildebrand
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