A Glimpse of Islamic Heritage


Ali Omar Ermes, Monday 10 September 2001 As part of the events linked to ‘Islam UK’ the BBC’s Islam Season, and hosted by the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU) and the Centre for Near and Middle East Studies (SOAS), Arab artist Ali Omar Ermes presented a slide … Read More

The Arab Media in Britain

Ali Omar Ermes, Wednesday 7 July 2004   This is a copy of Ali Omar Ermes’ speech during the BRIMES Conference 2004 at SOAS. Ladies and Gentlemen, before I begin, I would like to remind you that this is a multi-dimensional subject, filled with contradictory issues, concerning approx 300 million … Read More

The Importance of faith-based education for the Muslim Community

Ali Omar Ermes, Tuesday 11 March 2003   This is a speech made by Ali Omar Ermes at the ‘Faith in the UK and Development Education Seminar’, which took place on Tuesday 11th March 2003 and was organised by the Development Education Association. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big … Read More

The Invisibility of the Arab Community in Britain

Ali Omar Ermes, Saturday 23 March 2002 It is hard to believe that a community of immense intellectual and financial input to the British society such as the Arab community is invisible. A community of about five hundred thousand people in Britain (The Economist 1988), of which up to three … Read More