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Symbols of Harmony: Art from the Islamic World

Aya Gallery, Kent

2nd Feb – 5th Mar 2004

In a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation, Symbols of Harmony: Art from the Islamic World was born and a selective process bringing together a rich and diverse artistic creativity by nine distinguished artists from the Islamic world ensued.

The exhibition includes artists from Iraq: Saadi Dawood, Maysaloun Faraj and Rashad Selim; Jordan: Rima Farah and Wijdan; Libya: Ali Omar Ermes; Pakistan: Rasheed Butt; Palestine: Fadwa Bizzari and Syria: Khairat al-Saleh, working in a range of styles and media including painting, graphics, sculpture and ceramics.

In a world where multi-cultural co-existence is increasingly the norm, it is with regret that divisions within this so-called global village seem to be deepening. This, in my view, is largely due to ignorance. As an artist, a woman and a Moslem, I do believe that art can make a difference. In fostering cultural and educational dialogue between East and West, ‘us’ and the ‘other’, we are able to expand our horizons and enrich our humanity, ultimately paving the way for a more harmonious and peaceful future.

– Maysaloun Faraj