The Fifth Ode


The Fifth Ode by Ali Omar Ermes

This is one of a group of seven paintings that celebrates the Seven Odes of Arabic poetry, al muallaqat as sabaa or Prize Poems, which enjoy a special place in Arabic literature due to their power of eloquence and historic relevance.

When a poem was judged to be exceptional, it was embroidered in gold on silk cloth and hung on the Kaaba as a sign of general acclaim. Over the years, the Prize Poems which were thus hung at the Kaaba assumed a universal context and appeal.

With the full 50 line verse by the pre-Islamic poet An-Nabigha who became famous with late blossoming (in his 40s) of his poetic talent.

This artwork was produced in 1993, it is acrylic and ink on paper, mounted on canvas, its size is approximately 250cm x 150cm. This artwork is in the collection of the Artist.