The Past 45 Years

There were times in life when youth was a golden chance to learn, to experiment and to enjoy the wonders of Islamic/International arts, Arabic, Islamic and world literature.Ali Omar Ermes
I was then, and remain, the beneficiary to a lot of what it offers in matters of learning, developing and applying my interpretation of these two main ideas of art and literature. The objectives were to bring these two items of Islamic thought together in one inseparable union of work, which would form my own brand of work as it started to take shape. The outcome is the literary artworks which people recognise as a distinctively leading art movement in modern times.

During this time I had the pleasure of touring a large number of places and countries, from Indonesia to USA and meeting numerous people from different backgrounds; scholars, intellectuals, artists, thinkers and so on with various interests in life. I was an active participant in so many positive international experiences and engagements such as The World of Islam Festival, held in London in 1976, which was inaugurated by the Queen with a large number of dignitaries from different parts of the world.

I held and participated in more than fifty-five solo or group exhibitions in various parts of the world, during which my art was acquired by museums, galleries, private and public collections alike.Ali Omar Ermes
I have over the years given numerous interviews to newspapers, magazines, radio and Television and have written countless articles for both the English and Arabic media. I have participated in a number of intellectual discussions, debates, seminars, conferences and negotiations regarding cultural and community issues.

These combined experiences enabled me to develop my own distinctive brand of thought towards the philosophy of Art, Literature and social issues as much as life in general. God’s favours to me did not stop there. I have a very fine family who have supported me all along and whose input in my life is immense. I thank them all and hope they will continue to have, God willing, the best opportunities for the present and in years to come, to do what is best for themselves, their community and for all humanity.

All that was and will be possible is only by the will of Allah, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, to whom I thank very much for His ample help and total mercy, but never can thank enough and to whom belongs all good deeds and fine thoughts.

– Ali Omar Ermes

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