Maraya Art Centre, UAE

21st Feb – 24th Oct 2014

Barjeel Art Foundation will host an exhibition entitled Tariqah (Pathway) at Maraya Art Centre on the 21st of February. The exhibition will present a collection of modern and contemporary Arab artworks inspired by Islamic art traditions. The artworks have been selected from the private collection of Sultan Saud Al Qassimi, founder of Barjeel Art Foundation. The exhibition coincides with the celebration of Sharjah as ‘Capital of Islamic Culture 2014′, with pieces on display referencing the ‘pathway’ of translating ephemeral ideas into material forms through art-making.

Sultan Saud Al Qassimi remarked, “On the occasion of Sharjah’s selection as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region 2014, we are pleased and proud to present contemporary Arab artworks inspired by the spirit of Islamic art traditions.” The curator of the exhibition added, “The exhibition showcases artworks of artists whose journeys of invention concentrate on the different ways of viewing and referencing Islamic tradition. Each artist featured in this exhibition brings his/her own influences to pieces that are contemplative and constructive.”

The word Tariqah in Arabic translates into English as a pathway or route. In addition to its more literal reference as a physical path leading to a destination, Tariqah can also be used to describe a method to achieve a particular result. In this way, the term encompasses both the path and the process involved in reaching a destination or outcome. References to Tariqah often appear in Islamic tradition to describe an individual’s inner spiritual journey attained through the performance of certain practices.