Glossary of Arabic Terms

Here are just some of the common terms related to the techniques used by the Artist.

Abjadiah – Alphabet settings

Al Abaadul Arbaah – The four dimensions

Al Alif meezan-al-hurouf – The letter Alif is the Arabic geometrical measure of other letters.

Alamaat – Signs or emblems

Alwan – Colours

Anaqah – Elegance

Aqeeq – Agate

At-ta’ajob – Wonder, astonishment

Awzan – The balance or measurements in poetry and music

Basariyat – The overpowering visual effect of a composition

Daibajah – A beautiful presentation in words

Ehsaas – Feelings or perceptions

Fi Zilali-el-Hurouf – In the shade of letters

Istihash – The state of being in the midst of desolation

Istinaas – Within a familiar or friendly environment/setting

Istishfaf – The state w here you can read beyond what is written and see what is not transparent

Khalfiyah – Background

Mabadi ash-shakil – Fundamentals of making shapes

Mantourat – Slashing colour to create a spontaneous effect

Masahat – Spaces

Mohaddabah – Concave

Moraqqamat – A piece of artwork in an embroidery pattern

Morjaan – Coral

Naqa atam – Complete purity

Naseej – A slow-paced weave of ‘colour’

Qawat at-ta’athir – Power of impression

Quwaat at-ta’abir – Power of expression

Ramye – A power dash of colour

Shaddah – A sign to show stress on certain letters

Siraa al moheet – A struggle against the elements

Tadhareess – Terrain or surface texture of an artwork

Tahweer – The technique of reforming or reconstituting of a composition

Taleef – Compiling different elements to come together

Tamawojat – Waves in speedy movement

Tamsheet – Combing the surface

Tanmeeq – Elimination of elegant writing

Tanseeq – Harmonious arrangement of colours, sounds

Tarkeebatul harouf – A setting of letters

Tarqeem – An embroidered pattern

Tarqeesh – Embellished/ornamented

Tarrah – Laying colours in position

Tashreeh – An in-depth look into an artwork

Tekweem al afkar, alwan, horouf – Piling or composition of ideas, colours or letters on top of each other

Tekween – A creative composition

Tikrar – A composition made out of repeated presentation

Toma-a-Neenah – Tranquility.

Tughra – A calligraphic symbol

Usloob – A way or style

Zaafran – Saffron

Zukhrufah – A pattern of harmonious compositions

Zumorrod – Emerald