Over 60 Years of Art | Thank you for visiting Ali Omar Ermes
1968 Exhibition in Plymouth

Ali Omar Ermes was a visionary artist whose work has captivated the hearts and minds of art collectors, investors, and enthusiasts for over six decades. His art, deeply rooted in Islamic thought and Arab culture, was the result of meticulous research and academic rigor, and can be found in the British Museum, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and many other world-renowned institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


In addition to his successful career as an artist, Ali Omar Ermes also dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation of creative minds through his pioneering school of art. For over 60 years, he mentored and inspired countless students, helping them to develop their skills and talents and to realise their full potential as artists.

As an artist and educator, Ali Omar Ermes left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire and delight art lovers everywhere. His work invites us to delve into his rich and nuanced world of ideas and emotions, and to explore the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Whether you are an art collector, investor, or simply a lover of art, there is something in Ali Omar Ermes' work that will speak to you and touch your soul.