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Ali Omar Ermes علي عمر ارميص

Ali Omar Ermes was a legendary figure in the world of art, a Libyan-British contemporary artist whose life was a captivating journey of creativity and inspiration. Born in Zliten, Libya in 1945, Ermes was drawn to the romantic pursuit of artistic expression from a young age. He dedicated his life to exploring the relationships between art, values, science, morals, life, and death through his widely exhibited works.

Ali Omar Ermes

As he journeyed through the world of art, Ermes encountered many wonders and marvels, traveling from the Far East to the Far West and exhibiting his work in museums and galleries around the globe. His unique style, combining painting and Arabic/Islamic literature, brought a new dynamism and vitality to the contemporary art world and earned him the reputation of being "a Bridge between the divide of cultures and languages."

Ermes' paintings were like compelling works of art, producing a strong visual language that spoke to both those who could read Arabic and those who could not. His use of text, colour, form, space, and rhythm created powerful visual and musical compositions that commented on human values such as justice, peace, human rights, and the protection of the environment.

Curators and art experts all around the world hailed Ermes as a unique international artist, and his work was collected and exhibited globally. It could be found in museums like The British Museum, The Ashmolean Museum, The Wereldmuseum, The Smithsonian Institution, and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, as well as in private collections like the British Government Art Collection, The Royal Collection of the Sultanate of Oman, and the Arab Heritage Gallery at Khubar. His work was also held by banks and oil companies internationally.

Ali Omar Ermes sadly passed away in England in 2021, but his legacy as a captivating storyteller and artist of excellence and inspiration lives on. His work will continue to inspire and delight generations to come.