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The 60 Year Journey

As a world-renowned contemporary Arab artist, Ali Omar Ermes has dedicated the last 60 years to pioneering his own unique school of art that seamlessly merges Islamic thought with international artistic styles.

Ali Omar Ermes

Over the course of his career, Ermes has had the opportunity to showcase his work in over 70 solo and group exhibitions around the world, from Indonesia to the United States. He has also been an active participant in numerous international experiences and engagements, including serving as an art consultant at events like "The World of Islam Festival" in London in 1976, which was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II and attended by dignitaries from around the world.

Ermes' work has been acquired by museums, galleries, and private and public collections across the globe. He is not just an artist, but also a thought leader in the fields of art, literature, and social issues. He has given numerous interviews and written extensively on these subjects, and has participated in intellectual discussions, debates, seminars, and conferences around the world.

Not only has Ermes achieved professional success, but he has also been blessed with a supportive family who have stood by him throughout his journey. He credits his accomplishments to the will of Allah and is grateful for the endless mercy and support he has received.

For art collectors, investors, and lovers alike, Ermes' 60-year journey is a testament to his dedication to creating a brand of art that is uniquely his own and deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. His work is a must-have for anyone interested in contemporary Arab art and the intersection of faith and artistic expression.