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La (No)

La (No)

This artwork is one of a trio.

It recalls samples of poetry which reject domination by big powers as much as it rejects acts of terrorism by individuals, states or invading armies as much as it condemns corruption, environmental and cultural abuses. Lines of poetry expressing in general or some in specific terms that we are all in this together.

Humanity would not be able to run away from itself, and if all want to live in peace and harmony, we need to face the facts and the people and systems that are behind all this injustice in the world.

We need to be honest and reject hypocrisy and double standards and say to everyone:

Implement justice in the world, this way you gain peace on earth and with it honour and satisfaction.

The trio are all acrylic on paper, mounted on canvas and the same sizes of 152cm x 122cm.

This artwork was produced in 2003, for the ‘Ali Omar Ermes In Context’ Exhibition, sponsored by Merrill Lynch, Mayfair, Oct/Nov 2003. This artwork is with a private collector.

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