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Harf Al Kaf: A Poetic Meditation on Love and Injustice | Artwork Print

"Harf Al Kaf: A Poetic Meditation on Love and Injustice"

This beautiful artwork features a poem by Layla al-Akhyaliyya, narrated by the first Abbasid Caliph, Abu Jaafar Al Mansour, which comments on the injustice of society and laments its unconcern on the plight of the poor.

The original artwork, created by artist Ali Omar Ermes in 1991, is currently in the collection of the British Museum in London, UK.

This fine artwork print, produced using the silkscreen printing method, captures the essence of the poem and is signed and numbered by the artist in pencil.

This limited edition print is part of a run of 250 and measures 90cm x 116cm. The print was produced in 2005, allowing fans of Arabic literature and art to bring a piece of this powerful message into their own home.

The poem is also infused with themes of love, as exemplified by the famous line by Layla al-Akhyaliyya, "Love is the key that opens the door to the secrets of the universe."

Layla al-Akhyaliyya was an Arabic poet who lived in the 7th century. She is known for her poetry, which was written in the form of qasidas (long, rhyming poems). Some famous lines from her poetry include:

"O my love, the one I love, the one I love beyond all reason"
"When I see you, I forget the world and all its troubles"
"Your love has captured me and left me in a state of longing"
"I am consumed by the fire of love that burns within me"
"My heart is torn between love and longing, and I cannot find peace"

Layla's poetry is known for its intense emotion and expression of love and longing. It has had a lasting influence on Arabic literature and has been widely admired and studied by scholars and readers around the world.

* Frame not included.

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