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The Blue Haa | Silkscreen print, 2005

Ali Omar Ermes

Poems by Antar Ben Shadad, the famous Arab warrior-poet, who is known for his love story with Ablah and his courage and chivalry.
In this poem, he describes some of his experiences where actions speak louder than words. He speaks of fairness, steadfastness, and courage in the face of hopelessness and great despair.

The Blue Haa

    • Silkscreen print on fine art paper

    • 112cm x 90cm

    • Signed & numbered by the artist in pencil.

    • Limited Edition of 250

    • Printed in 2005


About the artwork:

    • The original artwork was produced in 1979

    • Artist: Ali Omar Ermes

    • The original artwork is currently in the collection of a Middle Eastern Royal Family.