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Stunning Contemporary Islamic Artwork from Ali Omar Ermes


In this episode, I present an artwork piece produced in 1987 named "Lam-Alif Libnul Muttazz". This stunning piece displays the power of contrast in colour. The clear-cut ideas, between the visual and the writing in poetry.

The poem featured in this artwork is by Abbassi Amir Ibnal Muttaaz. It reflects the historical state of the Abbassid Caliph in the Amir Al Mu’mineen’s times in the ninth century at the heart of the Arab lands and Muslim civilisation.

Here the poem engages in the description of the intellectual who because of his sense of knowledge, experience, and expression, could be interpreted like this:

He is able to foresee the future just as if he was there first by the conclusion of reason. Therefore the moment he takes pen to paper, he opens the door of light and the clarity of crystal on what so ever he is putting his opinion on.

The original artwork was produced in 1987, acrylics and ink on paper – the size is approximately 97cm x 103cm. The artwork is currently on loan for the “Artistas Por La Paz” Artists for Peace Exhibition, Madrid, Spain.

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Qaffon Aasif: Ali Omar Ermes Artwork about the Libyan Hero Omar Al Mukhtar
Qaffon Aasif: Ali Omar Ermes Artwork about the Libyan Hero Omar Al Mukhtar

This artwork shows an unfamiliar way of executing the letter Qaff, which in some ways resembles the old Kufic script. Unusually in the work of Ali Omar Ermes, it has stormy golden strokes around its sides. A comparable painting, similar in style, can be found at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

The texts are poems by Ahmed Shawqi about the very well known resistance Libyan leader Omar Al-Mukhtar who died in 1932. Omar Mukhtar is an Arab Muslim rebel who fought against the Italian conquest of Libya, just prior to World War II.

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Silah (Connection): Ali Omar Ermes Artwork Promoting the Value of Good Deeds

This artwork conveys a range of bright, powerful colours in yellows, olive greens, and related colours, with a busy lively link between foreground and background. The Arabic word Silah, when translated in English, has a variety of related meanings including connection, linkage, bond, tie, relation, and charity.

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Ali Omar Ermes Artwork about the Misuse of Nature

This beautiful painting named "Crossfire - Leaf Four" is the fourth of a series of paintings dealing with the theme of environment and man's abuse of nature.

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